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Instantly create an FK rig for any existing skeleton.

Intended for fast creation of simple animatable controls; not an auto-rigger with any advanced rig functionality. Basic rigging experience helps, but built for animators.

To use: click any joint in the skeleton. Then, hit either "Create from Selected" or "Create for Whole Chain" depending on the functionality you want:

  • Create from Selected - makes the selected joint the base/root of your rig
  • Create for Whole Chain - finds the root joint and starts the rig from there.

Controls are automatically sized based on where they are in the chain. To change the size of any of the generated controls, use the Increase/Decrease buttons.

Tip: To change the orientation of your nurbs controls, go into the Input channel in the channel box, and type in 1 under Normal X, Normal Y, or Normal Z (set the others to 0). The pro version of this tool includes a button to make this easier!

Pro Version Includes:

  • Re-color your controls easily by typing in an RGB value and clicking "Set Color."
    • Acceptable RGB formats: "1.0, 0.5, 0.5" or "010"
  • Quickly rotate your controls with an added "Rotate" button. (Only works on newly created nurbs controls at the moment, best to use right after creating the rig).



27 Feb 2022

  • Added functionality to rotate (change Normal direction of) controls. Only works on newly created nurbs controls (Pro version only)

25 Feb 2022

  • updated Decrease/Increase Radius functions to work on duplicated rig (controls without history) or any curve really. Go crazy with reshaping your controls!
  • Added functionality to re-color controls (Pro version only)
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Includes python script, drag-n-drop install file, readme, installation instructions

Tested on:
Maya 2022


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I want this!