JR_Circler - Instant Placeholders or Controls

Jason Rayner
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Click to create a placeholder circle for your animated object(s).

Easily save the position of an object or track the positions of a character control. This can be really helpful for re-working animation, when you need to fix something on a control and then snap it back to the same place. 

Double-click to create a control for the selected object(s).

Instantly create a controller circle for any prop or object in your scene. It will retain the translate, rotate, and scale values of the object and will be ready to animate. Or use it on a group to quickly move multiple objects.


Everything you need is included in the ReadMe and HowToInstallScripts files, included with your download.

This script even includes an installer mel file - simply drag and drop the file into your maya scene to generate a shelf button!

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JR_Circler - Instant Placeholders or Controls

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